My core strength as a coach
I am both consciously and subconsciously focused on perceiving (seeing, hearing, feeling) everything that happens around me. I am open to stimuli, signals, images and sounds. I am also inquisitive and think in terms of opportunities and possibilities. It helps that I am open-minded and I like to be surprised, amazed and astonished. As a career coach, I like to work together and I work in an atmosphere of trust and connection. I think it’s important to think about and engage with my surroundings, so I can properly tune in to my clients and what they are experiencing.

I followed a career reorientation path myself and at the end of 2021 I started as a career counselor with BlijWerken Consultancy. I work with the Hoogendijk (a pioneer in the field) Methodology which is based on a deep self awareness process. In addition I use aspects of positive psychology by Martin Seligman, the concept of Work and Meaning by Heidi Jansen and the Jobmarketing method by Aaltje Vincent in my trajectories.


In 2019 I completed a career orientation program. Surprisingly, I was so impressed with this career counseling program that I decided I wanted to be a career counselor myself, and so I attended VistaNova in Amersfoort, a college-level school for coaching and leadership. There I was trained in the Hoogendijk method (who pioneered the field). I also did an Internship at the Noorderlink, a HR network organization, where I studied diversity and inclusion among the 41 Noorderlink affiliated companies in the three northern provinces of the Netherlands. This study contributed to helping these companies understand the needs of diverse groups in order to create policies that foster proper attitudes and behavior among management and employees. In addition, I attended the Positive Psychology course by Professor Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania’s Positive Psychology Center and the Spring Course Work and Meaning: Work, Meaning, Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Groningen.


I continually expand my perspective by regularly attending conferences for Continuing Education, as well as by sharing information, experiences, and methods with my VistaNova classmates in the Inter-Vision interest group. On a daily basis I am in touch with senior HR specialists, coaches and recruiters at the University of Groningen and businesses in the surrounding areas.  I consult professional journals, broadcasts, and blogs to stay current. These activities allow me to share with you the latest knowledge and experience as a counselor.

Stir Registered Coach

I have been a STIR – recognized coach since 2021. STIR is an independent foundation that manages the professional registration of coaches, team coaches, organizational coaches and supervisors in the Netherlands.