Step 1 Self-examination

Becoming aware of who you are and what you want.
Using questions, exercises and assignments, we work step by step towards your new career perspective which is the most inspiring for you. We look at who you are – your background, life experiences, likes and dislikes and what you want out of life. We match your desires, characteristics and strengths with available opportunities. Together, we create a plan of action (Career Plan) to guide you to find a fulfilling job.

Step 2 Profiling

To make you visible and ‘job market ready’.
This part will be composed on the basis of your Self Assessment. With insight into your work values, talents, motives and ambitions we will make you ‘job market ready’: profiling, visible and findable. Possible topics: your (video) CV and LinkedIn profile, your personal pitch, tips for effective networking.

Step 3 Realization

Making it happen – The job that makes you happy!
Now it’s time to realize your carefully crafted career plan.  I help with finding your new job: application advice, cover letter, and discovering how you can best use your treasure (talent) for yourself and your future employer.

Result: Working in your dream job!

“The program provided me with the courage to make the step from freelancing to a regular job. It also gave me self-knowledge, confidence, better application skills, and the realization that standing still once in a while and evaluating whether what you are doing still makes you happy is very important.”
– Eva, 32 (Creative organizational talent, in culture and recreation)