Finding your way
This is all about adapting to find your way in a new job, location or phase of life. In 2017 I found myself in this situation – a new country, a new language, a new phase in my life. You will get the most from my first-hand experience and success. In this program we will go through a few questions to get you into action so that you can move on with pleasure.

● Who am I? What can already do well? What do I want?
● What gives me meaning, pleasure and satisfaction?
● What motivates me? What is my drive?
● Future perspective – This is what I am going to do!

● Growth in self-knowledge and insight into life
● Balance and vitality
● Daring to take on new challenges
● A vitalizing vision of your future with an action plan
● Meaningful years ahead

Being happy in your new phase of life!

“”The perspective of my life after retirement was gray and we colored it together. It will now be a Happy Retirement!””
– Truus, 62 (policy advisor at an academic hospital)